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03 Dec

year, Google published the 1st edition of “The Mobile Playbook: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”.Based on the hundreds of conversations we had with businesses at the time, we saw that most of their questions weren’t around ‘why I should invest in mobile’ but ‘how I should invest in mobile’.Our map-making tools enable the OSM community of more than 3 million contributors to make OSM a richer map for navigation, ADAS, and autonomous driving applications.Thinknear by Telenav provides location-based mobile advertising solutions to Fortune 1000 brands and agencies.A petroglyph has been found at New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, carved by the early Pueblo people.And according to Professor J Mc Kim Malville from the University of Colorado Boulder, it may depict a solar eclipse nearly a millennium ago, in the year 1097.

We started on this mission in 1999 when we pioneered GPS navigation for mobile phones and changed how people get from point A to point B.

News media have begun to use desktop technologies like Skype to provide higher-quality audio than the phone network, and video links at much lower cost than sending professional equipment or using a professional studio.

More popular videotelephony technologies use the Internet rather than the phone network, even accounting for modern digital packetized phone network protocols, and even though videotelephony software commonly runs on smartphones.

We originally created the playbook to help executives find answers to those questions and help them take action in mobile.

Since then, we’ve seen even more urgency around these questions as businesses start to see most of their growth coming from mobile.