Tophome cams

12 Nov

Y-Cam Home Monitor isn’t anything like these cameras.In fact, with free 7-day Cloud storage, it can actually give you more than your money’s worth. You can buy a single indoor or outdoor camera or purchase them in bundles. There is also the Advanced Kit that comes with 2 indoor cameras and one outdoor unit.Outdoor surveillance provides the assurance that anything and anybody approaching your property and home will be captured on video.Besides being a deterrent to intruders, outdoor security cameras give you forewarning.Aside from its ease of installation, the camera is also packed with the following cool features: The camera comes with its own mount and screws.In setting the unit up, you need to make sure it stays plugged in for power using its 10 feet cable.In case you’re installing it high on your wall, you can use an extension cord for extra length.

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THE COST 4.82 to 9.99BOTTOM LINE An unbeatable option for budding DIYers searching for a high-resolution livestreaming camera.

There’s no place like home for feeling safe and secure.

It also helps when you have some sort of security system in place.

With a solid array of extra goodies, i Baby stands as one of the best higher range entries on the market.

Outdoor security cameras are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting what’s most important—your home, property and family.