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18 Oct

The Jordan continues south along the eastern edge of the West Bank—now through the Jordan Valley (Hebrew: ʿEmeq Ha Yarden)—and finally into the highly saline comprises the southern half of Israel.

Arrow-shaped, this flat, sandy desert region narrows toward the south, where it becomes increasingly arid and breaks into sandstone hills cut by wadis, canyons, and cliffs before finally coming to a point where the ʿArava reaches , a tributary of the Jordan that flows west along the Syria-Jordan border.

Despite continuing tensions, however, Israel concluded peace treaties with several neighbouring Arab states during the final quarter of the 20th century.

There are also four books that are invaluable, written by Anne van Cutsem - A World of Rings, A World of Bracelets, A World of Earrings, and by Anne Leurquin - A World of Necklaces. #1 is a rectangle 1 3/8 by 5/8 across and 3/8 inch thick.

Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) does not recognize Israel's right to exist and has the goal of destroying Israel through Jihad.

The 1988 Hamas Charter says 'Islam will obliterate Israel'.

Pizza crust, once just a convenient handle for holding a slice, is fast becoming a delivery system for cheese, meat, and who knows what else in the future. This time, Pizza Hut Middle East is taking into account the patrons who are looking for something a little “healthier.” In addition to the beef-topped pie ringed by cheeseburgers, the restaurant also offers one surrounded by chicken fillet balls and topped with, you guessed it, even more chicken. Forty-one percent of Americans now eat pizza at least once a week, up from 26 percent two years ago.

In spite of Americans being deprived of the latest and greatest in the food world, Pizza Hut’s new offerings might still be thing.