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20 Apr

If the file is a valid XML file, the XML Manager will parse the file and display the various nodes contained within the file.

The XML Manager provides multiple methods of navigating between nodes.

As you said,,, XML processing should be done with an XML parser..

This XML is uploaded into the web server , but I don't know how to update it through UCCX script.

However, one reader commented that it would be nice to add helper methods to easily create or modify XML, not just parse it. I've added two new helper methods to the code I presented last time: The code works by first locating the specified node within the list of nodes provided.

If it's not found, the method returns without doing anything.

For more info see my previous blog post at Transforms In Nonweb Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to create an XML file with transformations for each XML file.

For example if you have an XML file and you want to modify a single value but to create 10 different files the XML transformation approach doesn’t scale well.

Once you do this for your projects you will see a new menu command to transform a file on build (for web projects on package/publish).The following Power Tip guides you through the features available in the XML Manager.If the XML Manager is not already open, you can open it in the View : Views/Lists submenu.Otherwise it locates the node's text value child node, sets that child node's value to the new value, and returns.Pretty straightforward but somewhat verbose, and definitely not something you want to repeat all over your code. Next, let's look at DOMParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse("mydocument.xml"); Document doc = Document(); // Get the document's root XML node Node List root = Child Nodes(); // Navigate down the hierarchy to get to the CEO node Node comp = get Node("Company", root); Node exec = get Node("Executive", Child Nodes() ); String exec Type = get Node Attr("type", exec); // Load the executive's data from the XML Node List nodes = Child Nodes(); String last Name = get Node Value("Last Name", nodes ); String first Name = get Node Value("First Name", nodes); String street = get Node Value("street", nodes ); ... Very simple and one line of code for changes made to the XML.