Updating bios on msi wind

06 Nov

Plug the USB storage device into the motherboard’s USB BIOS Flashback port.Now press and hold USB BIOS Flashback button/ROG Connect button/onboard BIOS FLBK/Reset button for three seconds until the LED begins to blink, then release.And system did not start after reboot – it all finished at the black screen with XP logo and animated slider.

- Extract the BIOS-zip file that you have downloaded and paste it ... - Press “delete” key to BIOS, select “M-Flash” - Click “Select one file to ... It was quite some time ago, so I decided to update BIOS.I downloaded it from MSI official page, prepared bootable pendrive using HP USB Storage Disk Format Tool (downloadable from here) and Windows 98 boot files from my own archives (you can find some boot disk images at bootdisk.com).After extracting BIOS files to the pendrive, I’ve booted system from it.has no flash information available“, and it appeared that I have to have an AC adapter connected throughout BIOS update procedure – quite obvious, but I forgot about it.