Updating light fixtures with spray paint are miley cyrus and zac efron dating

18 Nov

Maybe brass fixtures were all the rage when this house was built 20 years ago, but let me tell you Bob, they are just not my style.

Not only did we get some much-needed R&R and family time, but we also added an air compressor to our collection of DIY tools (big deal! We bought it to use with our new spray paint gun and I’ve been spraying basically everything in sight for the last 24 hours.I thought I would be able to remove the entire fixture to paint it but quickly realized I could not . After removing the glass and the stopper I slid craft paper underneath the edges and around the brass fixture tapping the paper to the ceiling as I went along. I then gently rubbed the sanding block around the brass ring and the stopper to rough it up a bit so the paint would adhere better . Waited one hour until I was sure the paint was dry, and then painted a second coat. Once I was happy with the coverage, I let everything sit for another full 24 hours to cure. I’ve been telling my Hubby that I need him to take them down for me so I can spray paint them, but I tired of waiting so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I cut a slit down from the top in order to slide it under the light: I covered the slit with tape. Remember to tighten back the screws holding the fixture on the wall.Since I don’t do electrical, I needed a way to paint them while they were still hanging, and in a way that would not allow any paint overspray to get on the stone. It saved my Hubby the trouble of having to take them completely down, and I know he was thrilled about that!