Updating netbsd

03 Jun

The current release is Open BSD 6.1, released Apr 11, 2017. The project's development environment and developer events are funded through contributions collected by The Open BSD Foundation.Contributions ensure that Open BSD will remain a vibrant and free operating system.Update If Unmodified /etc/ /var/ /root/ /.cshrc /.profile# When upgrading to a new Free BSD release, files which match Merge Changes # will have any local changes merged into the version from the new release.Merge Changes /etc/ /var/named/etc/ /boot/device.hints# When upgrading between releases, should the list of Components be # read strictly (Strict Components yes) or merely as a list of components # which *might* be installed of which Free BSD Update should figure out # which actually are installed and upgrade those (Strict Components no)? More information about Free BSD security advisories can be found in Section13.11, “Free BSD Security Advisories”.I prefer to merge /etc/ before the kernel reboot reboot to minimize downtime as it can take some time to review the changes.I know etcupdate should be applied AFTER the kernel and userland update, but it doesn't seem to have an impact, as the daemons and everything are running.A common mechanism for upgrading a Net BSD system to a newer version is by rebuilding the system from sources and installing the results.

Fetch the Net BSD sets from your prefered mirror to some directory.On Net BSD, you usually upgrade pkgsrc to the latest version (which is nothing more than tar -xvzf gz) and updates the installed software individually.More information on the Net BSD/pkgsrc website: Hope this helps!As an example of the effect Open BSD has, the popular Open SSH software comes from Open BSD.Open BSD is freely available from our download sites.