Updating phone loads in 2811

03 May

chip to increase Teensy 3.0 or 3.1's 3.3V signal to 5 volts for compatibility with these newer WS2812B LED strips.The Octo WS2811 Adaptor board or similar 5V buffer hardware must be used for reliable signals to large LED projects.

updating phone loads in 2811-78updating phone loads in 2811-70updating phone loads in 2811-39

This is a known issue, documented in the release notes for SCCP firmware release 8.5.(2)SR1: For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(2)SR1 or greater, you must first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2).

We are revising the FEHB Handbook to remove any references to the SF 2811.

Octo WS2811 is a high performance WS2811 & WS2812 & WS2812B LED library, written by Paul Stoffregen, featuring simultaneous update to 8 LED strips using efficient DMA-based data transfer (technical details below).

This backup should take place before any IOS image upgrade process start.

In case of unsuccessful IOS image upgrade (due to too-small DRAM size, corrupted IOS image, etc.) it is always a good to know that you are able to reverse the change by putting back the older IOS image (the one that you backup earlier) to the router In order to transfer an IOS image typically you need to run a TFTP program on your computer.