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24 Apr

This paper briefly introduces the three lines of evidence we have for Palaeolithic and Neolithic diets; morphological changes, archaeological material evidence, and direct measurement of diet from bone chemistry.

After devoting two films to the bedevilment of the Lambert family — specifically, a spooky old hag that had attached itself to patriarch Josh (Patrick Wilson) from childhood — the “Insidious” series seemed poised to continue on as a series of “Ghostbusters”-style adventures involving the paranormal investigators Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) and their mentor Elise (Shaye), who returned to the series in spectral form after dying (at Josh’s hands) in the first film.Its cranial cavity was smaller than that of and the living giant panda, and so housed smaller chewing muscles.The pygmy probably had a weaker bite than today's giant panda and would not have been able to break thick bamboo stems, Figueirido speculates.But the new study suggests that old habits die hard. They also analysed the skulls of 171 living bear species that don't eat bamboo.By comparing 38 "landmarks" on the skulls - points that change slightly among different bear species such as the top of nasal bones and the space between the cheek bone and braincase - the team gleaned information about their likely dietary preferences.