Webcam reallive

22 Jul

Surf webcam located in Isla Blanca Park in South Padre Island Texas sponsored by Island Inn located 3813 Padre Blvd.This park is located on the South end of the island.

Webcam reallive-71

You have a map of their apartment to be able to choose what views you want.

Forgotten by history for thousands of years, it resurfaced as a silver mining boom town in the 19th century before finally becoming the pleasant fishing village of today, with a special identity all of it's own. Every weekend its people meet in the small old village square where, each Sunday, a colourful market thrives.

Every morning early, the men go out to sea to fish, farm the land or to work in local marble quarries. The real charm of Villaricos lies in its old fashioned simplicity and warmth of spirit and it is this lack of pretension that catches you in the end.

Bar Cam Kelly's Pub runs their can during summer months.

Pokerz Cam Simulcast of local bands, Harley links n video's and more.