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Therefore, details such as "Lea Thompson later married director Howard Deutch", or "Chynna Phillips was in the group Wilson Phillips" we don't consider to be relevant.Further information about the movie, including answers to some common questions, can be found in the novel and script sections.You produced "Tickling Leo," a film your husband wrote and co-directed. The movie is about fatherhood and the damage that silence can have on a family over the years. I had recently made a film (Masterson wrote and directed "The Cake Eaters" with "Twilight" star Kristin ­Stewart), so I had just been through the trenches. I owned a camera already and my brother was the cinematographer.On a visit to his ailing father, the main character, Zach, discovers that his grandfather secured safe passage out of Hungary in 1944 on ­Kasztner's Train. I spent more time being a producer, assistant director, cook, cleaning the bathrooms. Friends made lasagna, I made the ­other meals for cast and crew, and people ­literally stayed in camps.By this point, all filming locations had been scouted, the sets decorated, scenes storyboarded, and the cast hired.Kim Delaney was cast as Amanda Jones, and Kyle Mac Lachlan as Hardy Jenns.

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But, one of these women has actually managed to age better than Depp. The must be keeping the French looking so very vibrant and youthful.

In the original ending Hughes wrote, Duckie and Andie end up together. Test audiences did not like it and preferred Andie and Blane kissing in the parking lot. He played Keith, the sensitive, soft spoken, artistic, all around nice guy. Keith wants Amanda to know that she should be cherished and cashes out his entire college savings to buys her a pair of diamond earrings. Keith watches with a deep longing as Watts walks away. "As if her ears were waiting for Keith’s heart" LOL amazing!

Apparently hot boy and pretty girl in pink make the storybook HEA. Watts, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, is the tomboy BFF to Keith. A girl like Amanda shouldn’t need to borrow from her rich friends and wants her to have them. Watts reaches out for Amanda’s hand Watts: I’m sorry if I misjudged you. Amanda: Remember how I said I’d rather be with someone for the wrong reasons… She shaped my love for the Short-Haired Blonde Tomboy Who Kicks Ass forevermore!

She’s a drummer, a rebel, and head over heels in love with Keith. Keith, a talented painter, wants to go to art school. The date is a little awkward, especially since Amanda plans on bringing him to a party to make Hardy jealous and Keith knows he’ll get his butt kicked.

Following the Teen Romance movie rules of course Keith is in love with the popular girl, Amanda Jones, played by Mrs. And still following the rules she dates the most popular boy, Hardy, played by hottie Craig Sheffer. He works diligently in school studying and after as a mechanic. Keith knows of Hardy’s infidelity and vows to win Amanda’s heart. But he shows her that he, a poor kid like her, can give her nice things. Little does Hardy or Amanda know that some of Keith’s friends from detention, the rough kind, are showing up to support him.