You dating skylar

14 Jul

"While specific proposal details remain top-secret, social media photos show the couple was on vacation in Hawaii as they helped usher in a brand-new year was released this past summer, E! Let's do it, let's see.'"And as they like to say, the rest is history! "He's definitely sweet like his character is."And while the two didn't exactly share any big on-screen moments together because of their different characters, the co-stars were still able to have a pretty acca-awesome time while filming."The funny thing is, is that we never ever have any scenes together," she explained. "He was dating somebody, and I had been through [a divorce] and he was like, 'Do you want to go on a date?

It's a recurring theme in Eminem's own music, specifically on 1999's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde." The pair embody different characters, with Grey promising to "kill for you" while Eminem is the manipulative, brainwashing half of the pair."You always ride/Whatever the plan is/' Til the end/Even if I led us into an ambush," the rapper rhymes."Since the first day I started writing ' Kill for You,' I thought the Bonnie and Clyde message would be more powerful as a duet," Grey tells Rolling Stone."I was stoked when Marshall put a verse on it."Grey has worked as a collaborator and duet partner with Eminem in the past.) and dropping in on no less than seven Emmy-nominated comedies and dramas. I can't imagine what that would be like to have someone that is half of me in a room.So it should have come as no surprise that as soon as I greeted the effervescent 5'5" blond at the brand-new (and totally awesome) La Boulange in Los Angeles, she was recognized immediately by a couple of fans congratulating her on those achievements. [*Laughs*] I would never want to be separate from them! And tell us who you'd like to see featured in an upcoming "Girl Talk With..."!