Zagat dating and dumping guide

26 Jul

We would come untethered from the mother planet, adrift in the ether.

So we tore eagerly into the latest envelope in the mail bearing a Zagat guide, this one a "Los Angeles Dating (and Dumping) Guide." We weren't disappointed: It was disappointing.

Over 50% of Participants Google Their Date Before Meeting, While 41% Facebook Stalk Overall Respondents Say Online Dating Is More Successful Than Meeting in Bars Feb 08, 2011, ET from Zagat Survey, LLC /PRNewswire/ -- Zagat released its latest Dating & Dumping survey today.

The results indicate a tremendous shift in how people approach dating., the downloadable guides present location-specific editions for showcasing the best restaurants, bars and other hot spots to love 'em or leave 'em.

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: For a potential partner, surveyors say the most important characteristics are Intelligence (84%), Personality (82%) and Sense of Humor (81%), followed by Values (70%), Attractiveness (63%) and Sexual Compatibility (60%.) : The Survey provided a number of hints for a successful first date.Granted, we haven't been in the dating game for a few hundred months and, granted further, we haven't dumped anyone since the '70s.Still, we wanted to see how the Long Beach restaurants scored in the weird little quote-infested guide.Use this brand-new guide to explore 254 of the hottest restaurants and nightspots in LA—favorite dating destinations and ideal break-up spots.Also included: dating deal-breakers, pick-up do's and don't-evers, and the results of our first-ever dating survey From "be mine" to "let's be friends," selecting the right place for a date makes all the difference.